Screen tearing after reboot, or screen freezing

I’ve been having issues with screen tearing on KDE Plasma with my Nvidia card after restart; based on advice in other threads I’ve attempted turning on Force Composition Pipeline in Nvidia settings, which didn’t appear to help. After booting, toggling the vsync option in System Settings → Compositor appears to stop the issue; however the screen tearing will return on reboot. Interestingly, toggling vsync is all that’s needed to stop the issues. It doesn’t seem to matter whether vsync is switched from “Never” to “Automatic” or vice versa, or which one is activated on boot, simply switching from one to the other will eliminate the tearing. And regardless of which one is active on shutdown, the tearing issue will return on reboot.

What window manager are you using? And what system are you using? Workstation with dedicated graphics or laptop with dual graphics?

After some experimentation using Openbox and picom - I am now using compiz on my workstation with Nvidia - I am quite satisfied as the switch solved some annoying glicthes on my system - primarily bad scrolling in browsers.

I’m using KDE Plasma. My system is a desktop with dedicated graphics, Nvidia GTX 970.

Please try creating a new nvidia config and place it the correct location - full instructions can be found by following this link to [root tip] Nvidia Settings on Manjaro

Another option - again using nvidia settings - is to create a configuration in your home and load it either manually or in your ~/.xinitrc using the command

nvidia-settings -l

List all options using - maybe use a pager

nvidia-settings -h | less
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