Screen stay off after screen energy saving period


I made a fresh install with Manjaro kde 21.1.4.

I set the screen energy saving to switch off after 10 minutes, unfortunately the screen stay off after the switch off, not possible to wake up screen and computer after the switch off.
mouse and keyboard are on, I mean the led are on
hibernate after a period of inactivity is disable…
No issue with the booting iso file tested before the install.
Last year (June 2020) I installed Manjaro on this device, no issue.

No issue like this one with my laptop, old install but up to date.

Thanks in advance for your help.

I have the same issue. I installed Manjaro on a Minisforum N40 Mini PC. If I have my old-ish TV (Toshiba Regza) connected to the computer via HDMI the screen doesn’t come back. But this issue doesn’t seem to appear if I use a monitor on the D-Sub connector instead.

P.S.: I also have Kubuntu installed on that PC but that doesn’t produce this issue.

Yeah, after trying several versions on a Live USB (I don’t have Manjaro installed atm) this one: manjaro-kde-19.0.2-200311-linux54.iso doesn’t have this issue even being in energy saved state for an entire night. I’ve tried several other images including the most up to date official release and the development build but any other versions produced this problem.

Only with the mentioned live USB, that computer doesn’t have Manjaro on it right now and can’t reinstall it at the moment.

I’ve just tried Manjaro on an other computer (with nvidia GPU open source drivers). That one also has a similar issue:
The screen only comes back for a couple seconds then goes black and stays like that. If I turn the monitor off and on it does it again (showing screen then going black again). Switching to kernel 5.4 doesn’t solve this issue.

EDIT: doesn’t seem to happen with proprietary nvidia drivers

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