Screen sharing broken in Wayland/Sway


I’ve been trying to switch over from i3 to sway and got stuck on screensharing (alongside with zoom still looking for an x display).

I have pipewire, xdg-desktop-portal and xdg-desktop-portal-wlr install, but also wireplumber. Installing manjaro-pipewire did not solve anything either. I can get Brave to actually open the Window or Screen tabs in the sharing modal (even that didn’t work initially) but they show a blank/empty screen.

There’s nothing abnormal in the xdg-desktop-portal output either (with verbose).

Worthy to note that I’m running on a non-nvidia environment. Changing the hardware acceleration settings on brave didn’t do anything either. There’s no pipewire flag to enable inside the chrome://flags so I suppose support should be automatic?
Any ideas on what might be going on?

Go to Extensions and enable Hangouts

Checked and it was already enabled

This is one of the guides I originally followed. There’s a lot of outdated stuff in there (some of the flags of the xdg binaries have been deprecated etc), but still no positive results.
Is there any specific activity I should be looking for in the xdg binaries’ outputs?