Screen Rotation Command for Manjaro Phosh Beta 29/PinePhone Beta/Physical Keyboard?

When I return from a blanked screen (not a locked screen), the PinePhone is often in portrait mode when it should be in landscape. If set on Auto-Rotate, I need to physically rotate the phone to restore landscape mode.

I understand that xrandr is a non-starter in wayland, but installation/use of wdisplays has no effect and wlr-randr apparently won’t work on the PinePhone:

Any other terminal command available simply to rotate screen either left or right?


long press the auto rotate icon to set manual rotate.

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Thank you for the tip. The trouble is, I’d like to do it in terminal, then make it into a keystroked command.

Any idea about how to go about it?

After investigation, wlr-randr actually does work, at least for screen rotation. Download, build via meson, and after switching into wlr’s build directory, run:
./wlr-randr --ouput DSI-1 --transform 270

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