Screen randomly dims and brightens on thinkpad s230u

kernel: linux
screen driver: intel-backlight
inxi log: - inxi log from s230u

the brightness on my laptop seems to random dim or brighten, with dimming happening in stages until it completely disables the back light, which makes it a pain to use the laptop with this happening within a few minutes of starting the session. i have disabled all setting in the power settings but that seems to not have done everything. i had also tried removing the keybindings for the brightness keys but that also seems to have done nothing. this problem persists even when plugged into the wall.

problem was fixed, it was caused by a broken malfunctioning clight program. this drive/os was originally on a different laptop and at the time clight could use that webcam, but when moved to the new laptop it could not use the webcam which was causing it to malfunction and because autocalibrate was enabled by default would randomly set the brightness of the screen and reset the brightness.