Screen problems with KDE Plasma

Hello, I’m new to Manjaro as I installed it on my computer a couple days ago and I’ve been experiencing some problems with one of my screens. I use 2 screens on extend, one new one that works perfectly and is set as my primary and one slightly older one.(Display port on new and HDMI on old)

I noticed that sometimes when I boot my computer, the login screen works fine, I sign in, the loading screen finishes loading and then it switches to a black screen, on which I can’t interact or open any TTY terminals. If I force shutdown my computer and then remove the old screen and start it up it works fine, and when I connect the screen after it started it turns on fine.

Also whenever the secondary screen is on, it keeps flickering in a weird way making it really blurry and hard to read. the movement seems to be vertical so I don’t think it’s screen tearing but I could be wrong. It’s worth mentioning that I’m using an NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti with nouvaeu which was installed automatically I guess.
When I lower the resolution, the problem seems to mostly go away (but the aspect ratio and resolution difference is very annoying so I’d rather not do that long term) and when I lower the refresh rate from 60 to 50Hz it gets a lot worse. I’m thinking it could be a v-sync issue but I tried messing with the settings to no avail. Should I try installing other drivers?
I should note that I tried switching primaries and trying each screen on its own and nothing changes.

I haven’t found any similar issues online and any remotely related ones weren’t particularly helpful so I’d appreciate some help or hints about this! I’m not sure what other system information I should provide so please let me know.

I did some tests after posting this: I tried switching the cables with the screens, and the primary screen was flickering with the HDMI. However while I was doing this somehow Manjaro froze so I had to force shutdown my computer. I turned it back on while only the primary screen was connected with HDMI, it turned on just fine and there was no flickering. I connected the primary screen with Display Port and put the HDMI back into the secondary screen (while Manjaro was running) and although now there’s no flicker, my secondary screen has some artifacts on it that seem to be imprints/remnants of the display settings that was on the screen when manjaro froze. This is leading me to believe that there’s some incompatibility with my screen and the driver when it turns on. I’m thinking it could also be a faulty screen or graphics card but I’ve been using this setup with windows for ages and none of these problems ever came up.