Screen Mirroring iPad mini 16.2 update

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I get for streaming Uxplay probably is not that useful.

I was looking for a way to make the screen for our computer user Zoom meetings bigger. This app should do it. The little iPad mini has been great for that.

It sure is EASY with Uxplay. Just launch it and the iPad finds the Mac address instantly. No config needed. No adware either. :slight_smile:

Just swipe down and touch the screen mirroring icon to connect over your home network.

I will post again after the Zoom meeting to let you all know how it went.

I see Uxplay just got an update from 1.60x to 1.61.1-1.
Probably worth investigating.

There was no discussion that I could discern.

And it appears that you, so far, are talking to yourself.

What is this even about?

… also and especially with respect to Manjaro …

The original poster had commented on the fact that Uxplay, which is a Linux app that creates a mirroring server, is not great for streaming. I came in several months later.

I probably better should not have even asked.

Good luck with whatever this is actually about to achieve in the end!

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UxPlay is a Linux multi media app – a mirroring server – that utilizes the screen mirroring ability of my iPad mini, now perfected in iPadOS 16.2. I launch it on my external monitor, then when the iPad sees it launched I touch the icon and the iPad is sending audio and video to my big monitor.

I just now watched Youtube with it with no lag. So, I think I will be all set to use it for my upcoming Zoom meetings. I hope this answers your question.