Screen locker is broken


Manjaro KDE Plasma
Qt5 5.15.4
Qt6 6.3.0


When trying to lock, a black screen with

The screen locker is broken

loginctl unlock-session 2

More Info

$ /usr/lib64/kscreenlocker_greet --testing
Locked at 1655389432
Cannot mix incompatible Qt library (5.15.3) with this library (5.15.4)
Aborted (core dumped)

This seems relevant. :point_down:


Wait for official updates

Why wait? You can already try that solution. Worst case, nothing improves, and we know it doesn’t come from there.

For the 2 cases, I’ve not installed qt5-styleplugins, so it might be case 1, I can wait for the mirror, it should not be too long, if it is too long to wait, the mirror should be replaced.

Are you sure about that?

There is something you seem failing to grasp.
This issue appears, if as supposed, because a framework library has been updated. In such a case, packages in repositories are rebuilt by the package maintainers in order to be compatible with it.
But this is an AUR package, so it doesn’t follow the same rules:

  • The package – actually the PKGBUILD – is updated only if the application itself is updated. Since here it is its framework dependency that is updated, and that the application actually works with both versions, the PKGBUILD does not need to be updated.
  • Nonetheless, the package needs to be rebuilt in order to use the new version of the framework, hence the suggested solution.
  • Lastly, changing mirrors won’t do anything, as this is an AUR package, and AUR isn’t mirrored.

You can still wait for its next update if you prefer. I’d advise against this as it may not happen as soon as you think…

Yes, just checked it.

Does screen locker depend on AUR? I don’t think so.

This seems relevant.

I’ve searched the keyword “AUR” in the post, only qt5-styleplugins is mentioned with AUR, but I’m sure qt5-styleplugins has not been installed.

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