Screen is flickering after wake up

After waking up, some parts of the windows turn upside down. And the screen is flickering when the mouse is moving.

I noticed there was an error when waking up. I don’t know if this helps.

Desktop effects were restarted due to a graphics reset

BTW, I’m using NVIDIA GTX 1080. And I found out that if I resize all windows, the problem can be temporarily solved at this time.

I can not upload any images. I don’t know whether I state the situation clearly. I guess this might be related to Nvidia and xorg settings. Any solution to solve it permanently?

AFAIK, that’s basically a useless informational message. I see that in notifications every morning when I resume from suspend.

Yeah, I guess so. So do you have this issue? Any idea how I can fix this glitch? Is your suspension working fine?

Sorry, no I don’t have this problem, don’t know how to fix.