Screen in a slightly yellowish tone

Hello everybody. I’m facing a problem with Manjaro, my (internal) screen is in a yellowish tone as if the night light mode was activated, detail, this feature is already enabled by default, uncheck Night Light, set Best RGB in color profiles, use redshift and other color management software have no effect. I have already carried out extensive tests for nothing, I even tried the KDE environment in Manjaro, someone may ask that the problem could only be with the internal screen of the notebook but no, it is contrasting and even more visible on a “secondary monitor”, I used my HDMI port for the external display.
Such a problem does not occur in Ubuntu, Fedora and OpenSuse (Tumbleweed), distros that I tested. Manjaro for me is using Arch with its rolling-release nature without needing to have such technical knowledge as for installation, I’m on Fedora 37, waiting for 38, great system but that would have taken its place by Manjaro if it weren’t for this color problem that I’m facing. I hope there is a solution here with the community, good week everyone.

Now I’m testing via live USB.

Graphics Card: Internal, Intel Iris XE 80 EUS.
Renderer: Intel Xe Graphics Table (TGL GT2).
API: OpenGL: 4.6 Mesa 22.3.5 .
Processor: Intel Core i5 1135G7.
Laptop: Samsung Book.