Screen have no video after KVM switch

I’m using a KVM switch to change hdmi source for my monitor. One of the PCs is running manjaro KDE.
The manjaro PC doesn’t give video if I switch from and to it. I have to restart the pc everytime to have video.

on the manjaro PC: RX6600 (using the open source drivers) , kernel 6.6.30-2, i3-12100

I’ve found this old thread, but the solution presented there doesn’t work for me

Edit: after testing some more, I found out that if any video on any site is playing, I can switch between the PCs without a problem.
Also, it take a few seconds to “break”, if I switch from and to immediately it works, but if I wait a few seconds it’s black screen for me.
Edit2: I tried running linuxMint(cinnamon), and the switch worked with no problem. they are using kernel 5.4, so I switched to 5.4 on manjaro, but I had no video at all with that kernel on manjaro.

I hope this helps.

when in no video mode, try switching to TTY and back to get mode changes forced.

tried your suggestion, it still give no video switching tty