Screen going to sleep

Something annoying - for a week on and off - I’ll be watching something, then I get a black screen until I wake it up with the mouse.

In my ‘Energy Saving’ I have no ticks for Screen Energy Saving, or Suspend, so I need to work out why this happens… when it does happen, it seems to be about 20 minutes after I last use the keyboard/mouse.

Under Activity Power Settings, I also defined a special behaviour Never turn off the screen - so what gives.

❯ ls /etc/cron.d
 0hourly  timeshift-boot  timeshift-hourly
It isn’t disk - just the screen. Just a twitch of the mouse brings it back…

However, I guess a reboot and test on kernel 5.10 might be interesting.

I have a similar issue. Haven’t managed to solve it yet, but mine happens even if I am using keyb/mouse.

No, it isn’t disk access - I can be watching a movie and the screen just goes to sleep and needs some mouse action to wake up.
I switched from kernel 5.10 to 5.12 to see if it will clear up.

OK, so a quick update here…
Both kernel 5.12 and 5.10 made no difference.
If I set the system to sleep, then I can wake it up with the keyboard and enter the password - but when the screen blacks out (whilst watching TV via Plex Media Player) it doesn’t wake up or restart with the space bar - only the mouse (and no password, it isn’t locking).

This problem is causing major headaches - with my son studying online, it’s annoying when I have a document displayed which blacks out whilst the teacher is making notes - and by the time we reach for the mouse to wake it up again, she scrolled up the page and we lost the place…

Doesn’t anyone else have this issue? I don’t want the screen to blank out periodically - especially when video is playing, but also with a static document displayed.

Perhaps a problem with “activities”? (I don’t use those).
Did you try switch that setting off in general Power ManagementEnergy Saving?

All boxes are UNticked - Energy saving, Suspend, Button events etc.
I have NO saving enabled, and currently I have no activities apart from my main session…
So there aren’t any variations for Activity settings. I tested this with the idea that it might fix the issue if I specified for the activity plex was running to have no settings… no difference.

I also went into the Battery in the system tray, and made sure that ‘Allow automatic sleep and screen locking’ is unchecked.

The screen doesn’t lock though. It flickers back into life when I twitch the mouse.