Screen gets dark due to short inactivity despite of no screensaver

Hi all,
I do have a strange issue related to disabling a screen. I do use gnome + gdm environment since quite long time. One of recent updates (not sure which one) introduced a new behavior. If my system is free of human interaction screen goes dark within 30 seconds.

When I do work I sometimes steer at the displayed code for some time, 30 seconds is far too short! Since I use two displays I see both getting dark. Only one trace I have in journal is:

23:17:08 arch /usr/lib/gdm-x-session[2208]: (II) NVIDIA(0): NoScanout X screen configured with resolution 640x480
23:17:08 arch /usr/lib/gdm-x-session[2208]: (II) NVIDIA(0):     (default)

I have no screensaver. My power management settings permit screen shutdown after 5 minutes.

Can anyone point me what to look at?


I had a similar experience. Solved it by installing and configuring XScreenSaver.

Hope it helps.