Screen Flickring with Latte Dock in KDE

Hello All,

I have Manjaro KDE latest version installed and latte dock with it. The issue I face is that whenever I hoover mouse arrow over the Latte Dock, there is a screen flicker for a second just above the dock. It happens only after every fresh reboot. After that, till the time machine is running, this issue never occurs.

Please let me know if any information is required from my end. I am using default setup whatever comes with Manjaro’s latest version with i3 5th gen, 8 GB RAM with 5.10 Kernel.

Any suggestion or fix would be helpful.


I’m not sure - but I did notice some flicker on loading my desktop after first installing the git version of Latte.

I’d guess it’s messing with compositing a bit…
Take a look at ‘compositor’. Have a go with ‘Smooth’ ‘Crisp’ and ‘Accurate’ and also check you’re on OpenGL 3.1.

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Thanks for the reply! Let me check the same and revert in case required. :slight_smile: somebody did suggest to use Wayland. I tried that it did fix it, however, it came up with more issues like. Animations missing, laggy-ness in many departments OS. So reverted back. Now, looking for permanent solution.

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