Screen flickering issue (VMWare VM)


As I haven’t found any answer to my question, I making this topic.

After a fresh install of Manjaro as a virtual machine, everything works perfectly (no flickering or glitching).
I use 3D hardware acceleration.

After a fresh install, KDE version is 5.19.5 with kernel version 5.8.16-2.

Per habits, I want to update system to the most recent version.
After update, KDE version is 5.20.2 with kernel version 5.8.18-1.
I can’t paste link to a GIF showing the result…

If anyone has an idea without disable 3D hardware acceleration.

Thank you.

For verification, you are running Manjaro KDE Plasma as a guest on what host? Windows, MacOS, Linux?


Running on Windows 10 (version 10.0.19042.610)

  • OK, first, upgrade to kernel 5.9.x using the Manjaro-Settings-Manager
  • reboot
  • Install package DKMS (Dynamic Kernel Module System)
  • Install kernel headers for each kernel you have installed
  • Reboot
  • In the Host, insert Virtualbox Guest Additions and install.


After all of this, issue still there. I installed Kernel 5.9.3 with headers and dkms. Virtualbox installed (even if I am running with VMware).

EDIT: Here is a fix I found After a recent update, KDE is constantly redrawing? and glitching, solved.

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