Screen flickering during ssh sessions

This has been happening for a while now and I can’t work it out. I have a workspace with a couple of ssh sessions running constantly. Often, when switching to that workspace I suddenly get screen flickering. The flickering continues on/off whilst inside that workspace. Occasionally the whole screen will flick to black, and is reverted by moving the mouse of using keyboard. The flickering ceases when moving to any other workspace. I am not using window forwarding.

What could be causing this?

This is a long shot - could be if you are using alacritty vte - it is using OpenGL - which then depends on your GPU hence it relies on the graphic driver in use and ultimately it could be using it’s share of the system RAM.

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Interesting - thanks. I do apparently have the following installed:

vte-common 0.66.2-1
vte3 0.66.2-1

Though, I can’t see any instance of vte running.