Screen flicker while using MUX laptop in dgpu mode

So I have a lenovo legion y740, with an i7-9750h and a 2070 max-q. My laptop has a MUX switch that lets me switch between

Dedicated GPU mode (laptop runs only on the nvidia card for better performance, Intel igpu is turned off )

Hybrid mode (igpu + dgpu is turned on, helps in saving battery life) Now With proprietary drivers installed. I have no problem running on hybrid mode, everything works fine But when I go to my bios and turn on dgpu mode, arch boots, but the second GPU wokload is even slightly strained (like say a 1080p60 video) the screen starts flickering heavily. Even without strain flickering is less frequent but still happens.

I had a look at Hybrid graphics - ArchWiki And only the first part of the page offers any info about laptop that HAVE a MUX switch. I looked at how to solve screen flicker by forcing full composition pipeline and that did nothing: tps://

I also looked at changing DRM modset, and only changed it in the config file ( I didn’t do the latter half) and that too did nothing, but I wasn’t sure if following through with it fully would solve screen tear, and honestly also wasn’t 100℅ sure how to go about it: NVIDIA - ArchWiki … de_setting If anybody could please shed some light on the above, telling me what i did wrong and what I should do, and links to related posts too would be much appreciated!

Which distro are you using? You have posted on the Garuda Linux Forums and the EndeavourOS Forum about this problem as well.

I apologize, for cross posting. I was getting a bit desperate because I didn’t find any sort of help on the arch forums (its still unanswered there) and even after posting it on several telegram channels which led me believe that a solution for this simply doesn’t exist on linux at the moment.
I am currently using endeavour os, not garuda or vanilla arch or manjaro.
I apologize for cross posting once again, was only looking to speed up my process of getting some help.
The topic is currently open on the endeavour forums and isnt yet solved so if you can help please post there, I would really really appreciate it!

(Doesn’t let me post the link to the endeaveour forums for some reason so if you could, please just look up the post)

You may close this post if you want. I apologize for the cross posting once again.