Screen flashes/flickers when GDM starts

My current situation:

As you can notice in the video, after displaying the vendor logo, the screen flashes/flickers and then GDM shows up.
My current installation is from a malformed Manjaro-architect installation that I had to fix myself since apparently it’s no longer supported.
I’m on kernel 5.12.rc5.d0328.ga5e13c6-1 with nvidia proprietary driver 460 and a gtx 950. I already tried downgrading to an LTS kernel (4.14.227-1) or changing the bootsplash theme for systemd-bootsplash, but the issue persists.
However I managed to conclude it’s GDM because LightDM doesn’t present this issue, and restarting GDM with systemctl restart gdm.service from tty2 produces the same screen flicker/flashing.

Is there a way to remove the flash/flicker?

Looks like it has been partially fixed with the 2021-04-18 stable update, now only showing the flickering artifact without the flash