Screen Capture Problem

I am using a new linux user manjaro kde and I am experiencing an error this problem in screen capture
When I get a recording from a program like Obs or from places like discord, the screen goes back and forth between the windows I’ve already closed and the window I use.
Laptop Model : HP 15s-fq2027nt
(I’m sorry about my bad English.)

I don’t use screen recording software - but I have heard of issues with screen recorders failing on Wayland.

Don’t use Wayland - before login - ensure the selected session Plasma X11 session

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Although I started it on plasma x11, it continues to make the same error and I also experience the same when taking screenshots with the rectangular selector

Takes a screenshot of a tab that I previously closed when I took a screenshot

Here are some things you can try:

  • SystemSettings > Compositor > Vsync: off
  • Remove the package xf86-video-intel
  • This doesn’t happen on wayland
  • Make sure you are using “OpenGL 3.1”

All those don’t work for me though, so I simply restart the compositor which fixes the issue. I have made an alias for that long command:

alias restart-compositor='qdbus org.kde.KWin /Compositor suspend && qdbus org

You can also use Alt+Shift+F12 should toggle compositing (X11 only).

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