Screen brightness remains low if touchpad or keyboard is touched while it's being automatically decreased

I don’t know if the title is informative, but here’s what happens with my laptop (a DELL XPS 15). After a Gnome update some time ago (the update in which power saving configuration [performance, balanced, power saving] were added to the menu), Gnome introduced a feature that decreases screen brightness automatically after a minute of inactivity or so. If the touchpad or the keyboard is touched, screen brightness is restored to the previous value.

What I noticed is that if I happen to touch the keyboard or the touchpad while screen brigthness is being decreased, screen brightness will not increase again even if I touch keyboard or touchpad. The only way to restore screen brightness to the initial value, at that point, is using the button (Fn+F11).

This is nothing serious or making the laptop unusable, but it’s kinda annoying. Is anyone else having this issue?