Scp, ssh-copy-id command not found issues

I have xfce manjaro running on my rpi4,
all on the testing branch and updated working ok, other than issues when I try to use scp or ssh-copy-id from another client to the rpi4 I get a message saying bash: line 1: scp: command not found.
My .bashrc looks like this

If not running interactively, don’t do anything

[[ $- != i ]] && return

alias ls=‘ls --color=auto’
PS1=’[\u@\h \W]$ ’

export PATH="$PATH;~/bin/"

export PATH="/opt/vc/bin:$PATH"

export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/go/bin"

, the commands are in scp: /usr/bin/scp & ssh-copy-id: /usr/bin/ssh-copy-id

I know scp and ssh-copy-id works from the rpi4 to another linux host but not vice versa

You appear to be listing your rpi .bashrc above but from what I understand from above you are trying to scp to the rpi from another machine. The issue would be on the other machine you are trying to run scp. One thing I noticed above is this line which should be (use colon instead of semi-colon):

export PATH="$PATH;~/bin/" ==> export PATH="$PATH:~/bin/"

Aside from that on the other machine you are trying to scp to the rpi you can check your path with this to see if /usr/bin is in it:

echo $PATH

If it is then check if the files in /usr/bin are executable.

I’m not getting any joy, what does it mean by interactively?
the PC trying to run the scp command is kde manjaro the bashrc file is completely different.

You are not really giving enough info on this machine. Does it even have ssh installed?

Could you please precise your command ? Did you put your credentials to the RPi4 before scp to it ?

Yes of course its the test build of kde manjaro x64 from December, I have openssh installed and running it via the testing branch, its all up to date, scp and ssh-copy-id works from the rpi4 to the kde install.
Ive run kde manjaro from vmware also on the pc and same thing, bash message when trying to copy the key file or scp from the vmware image to the rpi4 not found. The openssh service is running and the key files are created.

I run “ssh-copy-id x@rpi4”
And get message
bash: line 1: exec: sh: not found
This happens from Ubuntu, iSH ios app, Kde Manjaro testing branch installs.
Should I specify the password in the command also ?
I don’t understand what is meant by interactively eragon has mentioned

Try re-installing bash. You seem to be missing /usr/bin/sh

I think this is a broken installation.

Please try to reinstalll Manjaro ARM OS on your drive and it should be fine. SSH is installed by default so scp and ssh-copy-id should work out of the box.