Scilab-bin: error while loading shared libraries: /usr/lib/ file too short

Hi there, I’m trying to install MatLab and Scilab, but in both instalation showed me the above error. The first time I got that error the console told me that the library didn’t exist, so I linked the to that was the solution for some users in other forums. But now I have this new error.

I opened whit Kate and showed onli 1 line of code <INPUT(> that is all, compared to that have like 1500 lines.

I’m newbie in Manjaro and Linux world. please help!

with aur, first read comments :wink: (if you use -bin ?)

so link is bad … what was our command ?

thank you, i’m gonna check it!

Hey, I’m having issues instaling ncurses5
I’m running to install it but gives me this error:

==> Creating the package: ncurses5-compat-libs 6.2-1 (Fri Sep 25 2020 13:37:38)
==> Checking dependencies while running …
==> Checking dependencies while compiling …
==> Receiving the sources …
-> ncurses-6.2.tar.gz has been found
-> ncurses-6.2.tar.gz.sig has been found
==> Validating source files with sha256sums …
ncurses-6.2.tar.gz … Approved
ncurses-6.2.tar.gz.sig … Skipped
==> Verifying font signatures with gpg …
ncurses-6.2.tar.gz … FAILED (unknown public key 702353E0F7E48EDB)
==> ERROR: Unable to verify any of the PGP signatures!

I read this post Two PGP Keyrings for Package Management in Arch Linux | Allan McRae but when I redo the makepkg gives me the same error. I assume that the key is 702353E0F7E48EDB.

not change PKGBUILD but insert key in manjaro
it’s in comments and wiki arch

it is possible that pamac automatically imports the key

pamac build "package_aur"