Scilab 2023 Communication Toolbox installation failure


I met the following problem with Scilab 2023 when trying to install Communication Toolbox in:

Startup execution: 
      loading initial environment 

--> atomsInstall("comm_tbx") 
atomsInstall: Error while building the toolbox */home/todork/.Scilab/scilab-2023.1.0/atoms/comm_tbx/©.3.1". 
at line 52 of function atomsError ( /opt/scilab/share/scilab/modules/atoms/macros/atoms_internals/atomsError.sci line 66 ) 
at line 403 of function atomsInstall ( /opt/scilab/share/scilab/modules/atoms/macros/atomsInstall.sci line 419 )


Probably this is upstream problem, but I will appreciate any suggestions and help



I edited your post as is better to share the output console as formatted text, so people that might want to help can search it.

Have you downloaded the last one from here? ATOMS : Scilab Communication Toolbox details
and you followed their documentation? atomsInstall - Install one or several external modules

Is this the scilab package or scilab-bin?

I used screenshot to be more precize.

For the second part of your comment:
yes, I think that I’v followed the procedures of your links

This is scilab-bin

Just for information.
Obviously, this is Scilab 2023 problem. I don’t know if it is Manjaro or UpStream.
I switched back to Scilab 6.1.0 and the toolbox loaded without problem.