Schedule for Full Disk Encryption?

If anyone got ahold of my phone, it would be very, very, easy to access 100% of everything because as far as I can tell there is no Full Disk Encryption option?

Is there a goal date for adding this functionality?

I really can’t take the risk of using the OS until it exists.

No date, no ETA. We can’t really create images with full encryption, as all the installs would have the same keys at that point.

Maybe the manjaro-arm-installer script can be modified to have encryption working on phones?

I’m not an expert there, so someone would need to create a patch/MR for that in gitlab.

Is the what is being used here?

It seems like it works well for encryption, but the manjaro software is much more flexible and stable imo.

Can’t you just make an installer option like they did?

I’m not an encryption expert, so I don’t know how to do that. Especially the “unlock encryption without a physical keyboard” part. That’s for someone much more knowledgeable than me to figure out.

Can’t someone just copy the installer part of the software and replace the package with manjaro?

Or is that oversimplifying it?