Scanner problems

I’ve successfully configured my printer (Canon TS5300) and it fully works except for 1 thing and that is the scanner portion of the printer… i use simple scan as my scanner tool and every time it says it failed to connect to the scanner, i’ve tried some other scan tools but none of them work.


I use a MX350, a bit older I gues. To get it to work I installed avahi on my host system and enabled that service to get the simple scanner to see it.
pamac install avahi
systemctl enable --now avahi-daemon.service

after this the simple scanner is able to pick up the scanner over the network and use it as a source.

Hope this solves it for you.

no luck with this, i was able to find the scanner before… after your command and even a reboot it still says unable to connect to scanner…

Ah, regrettably I do not know any further steps :slightly_frowning_face:

Not sure, but this is where I’d start.

I found PIXMA TS5300 at the sane project (scroll or find to get to it). It says the backend driver is pixma.

pacman -Fx /pixma.conf says the file pixma.conf is owned by sane in the extra repository.

Do a search for sane in pamac and make sure the package sane is installed, and probably xsane.

Do you get a response with scanimage -L or scanimage -A.

See more documentation at SANE - ArchWiki.

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I’ve only had experience on Debian based systems with scanners , but (probably obvious to you) you have to have root privileges to use a scanner and be part of the scanner user group. Please correct me if I’m wrong about this on Manjaro.

Sane was already installed, i’ve also installed XSane but there i get the error that it either can’t find the printer or it can’t connect…
I did get a response with scanimage -L or scanimage -A
This is the response: device `escl:https:// 19’ is a Canon TS5300 series platen scanner

i might’ve skipped that part, wich user group do i need to add myself to?

There is a group scanner on my system, the user account that scans is not a member nor has to use elevated rights to scan using xsane/document scanner besides the wheel group. The wiki states that group membership is not needed anymore, it’s worth a try.
After scrolling through the users/groups I notice I have user saned with the comment: SANE daemon user But as far as I can tell that is used for sharing scanners.

The Wiki page on scanning is a good read with lots of info on why, how and what to do in case of x. Ive found a way to fix a slight annoyance I had with the webcam showing up as a scanner just now. Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

i’ve installed scangearmp2 and that program perfectly uses the scanner! Thanks!

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Ah, great!

I guess the general takeaway for any user setting up their scanner is to read the archlinux Sane documentation :slight_smile:

From archwiki:

Alternative: for some Canon Pixma all-in-one printer/scanners, which are not detected over network, can be used scangearmp2 package from AUR.


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