Scaling per monitor or disable scaling in the second monitor

Hi, first of all sorry for my english :frowning:
I have Geforce adapter and KDE Plasma.
2 monitors 32 inches, first (left side) is 4k and second is 2k

When I use global scaling in standard options I have good results without blurry, but is global scaling and I not need scale my second monitor

I tried to use xrandr for adjust scaling and it works, but the result is very blurred text (and background image not expands to full screen) and after reboot I loose the configuration. Clean text is very important for my because Iā€™m coding 10h daily

Exist any method for disable scaling in my second monitor or do scale without xrandr only for the first monitor?

You make it a script to run at startup
You can also create a fixed layout with nvidia x server settings and save it (with caution and do not let things out from default) in /etc/X11/mhwd.d/nvidia.conf
Also see this

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