Scaling Issues With Various Programs on Pinephone

I find that when using Nextcloud and KeepassXC on my Pinephone that they don’t fit the screen properly so I can’t see all of the boxes or buttons to click on. I have tried adjusting the scaling through Terminal but if I can get the p;rograms to fit better then nothing else looks right. I have tried Manjaro ARM in both Phosh and KDE but had the issue with each. Any ideas ? Should I be reporting this to the program developers themselves ?

I also have problem with qtox app scaling. I’ll search more later, as now I’m quiet busy.

This is about scaling in phosh (which uses wayland)
(for messy apps, smaller screen may be a solution?):
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I’d also suggest to search h.t.t.p.s:// wiki as they have experience in adjusting linux tools for mobile.

Maybe we should inform Manjaro ARM Maintainers to include this tool in a build?
Crazy idea: dynamic wayland scaling dependent on app launching.

Hope this help :slight_smile: