Scaling and screen bounds issues after swapping to Wayland

Swapping to Wayland on Plasma has brought a few issues for me.

Namely, popups don’t seem to know the bounds of the screen.
This has resulted in things like notifications showing up offset to the actual corner of my screen, or latte-dock just hanging out in the bottom-center.

If this is a scaling issue, it would also seem to be the reason behind blur effects only affecting the top left of windows. Interestingly, the amount notifications are offset from the real edge of my screen is quite close to the ratio that the blur effect is shrunk by.

I do not know for certain if this is related, but nested dropdowns also don’t match my mouse cursor’s position correctly to the item in the dropdown list.

I am not using global scale to scale up my screen, nor a non-native resolution set. Although an NVIDIA GPU is in the computer, the Intel iGPU is the only one used.
Based on the advice from this KDE bug #461856, I added QT_WAYLAND_DISABLE_FIXED_POSITIONS=1 to my environment but this had no change on any of the three issues. This does not occur on X11, but I am moving to Wayland for fractional scaling in the future.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hello dear Tyush.

I can only answer your problem by saying that it is worth reinstalling the system in order to restore the correct configuration of absolutely everything, this happens in particular after an update or an incorrect installation. I hope that my advice will help you and the problems will disappear, send screenshots and the result after reinstallation and I will be happy to look for a solution for you.

Sincerely, Escape.

Thanks, but the nuclear option isn’t exactly something I’d like to do.

Further investigation lead to a malformed Kvantum config being the culprit. I don’t know what setting in particular however; I just set Kvantum to use a known-good theme and edited the theme to fit my setup.

All of the problems I listed are gone, except for Latte-dock deciding to move away from the border of my screen.

Godspeed to others who find this and need this specific theme for their setup.

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