Scale Icons in Dock


I’m using a 4k monitor and the icons in the dock are quite small. Is there a way to scale them? I couldn’t find an option in the tweak tools. On Ubuntu, for example, you can scale them from 32 to 64px.

what dock you use? if it dash to panel then go to the dash to panel settings . you find what you are after there … right click on panel or go to extensions …

if you use dash dock the settings in same place

I’m talking about the default Gnome dock on the left. I’m using the Unity layout. I can’t find the settings you’ve mentioned, neither in the tweak tools nor in the Manjaro or general settings.

check for extensions… if i remember right Extensions are in manjaro by default .

push mod key " windows key " then search " extensions "

Thank you I’ve found it! I expected the settings to be part of the tweak tool in the extensions category. Good to know there is a separate menu.

you welcome… BTW Welcome to manjaro forum

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