SbK Pantheon 22.0.1 release

I am happy to announce the release of SbK Pantheon 22.0.1.

The watermark is not present on the installed system.

Both iso’s in this release include:

  1. The 5.15.89 LTS kernel.
  2. The New KoraSpin-Peach3 icon theme with light and dark versions.
  3. The new SpinThemeDarkPeach4 matching Gtk and Kvantum themes in one package.
  4. The new Usplash-22.0.1 desktop wallpapers. One of them is the background for the grub, desktop, and login screen backgrounds.
  5. Minimize control for windows was added.
  6. Avilable updates are shown in Conky.
  7. The iso’s are up to date as of 1/29/2022.
  8. An optional Firefox theme, SbK Dark Peach4, that matches the color scheme is available at just click on the image in Firefox to install it.

Both iso’s also contain the standard SbK features.

  1. The latest LTS kernel.
  2. A Manjaro stable install that is also AUR compatible with a lot of packages used to build packages installed…
  3. It is multiarch by default to make running wine games and other 32bit software you may run easier.
  4. The Spins by Kilz signed repository is enabled for SbK project packages.
  5. A signed iso. For information on checking signed iso’s visit
  6. Bloatware has been removed (HP printer software and others).
  7. Flat packs and snaps are not installed. The back ends are also not installed but can be installed by the user.
  8. All SbK iso’s contain Manjaro Architect script in case you want to do a custom install. To get any SbK packages like themes, icons, and other goodies you will have to add the SbK after install.
  9. Timeshift autosnap installed. It takes a snapshot before upgrading so any bad upgrades can be easily reversed.

A full and very minimal iso can be found here.

As always comments, suggestions, requests are always welcome, just post below.


Hi Jim.B,
thanks for a lot of your work on ISO with Pantheon.
I have been working with Manjaro for years now. Then decided to go back to my roots and tried MX Linux and Peppermint. All with XFCE of course.
I like it simple and clean, which is the case with all three above.
But then I got bored, installed Elementary OS and managed to delete the entire disk thanks to the installer… …and my own nonsense, of course :-).
Has the search begun - Fedora? Thanks but no. SUSE? Gosh, I tried it once too… …and then I found your ISO!
Thanks a thousand times!
As a snoop, I have a lot of questions.
Mainly for system wide setting of theme, icons and cursor.
In the system settings under sudo, I managed to change the theme (I use the dark mint scheme), so I no longer get a white gparted or file manager. But it was not possible to change the icons and the cursor - they are set hard.
I also want to make changes in the wingpanel - add weather indicator, app and tray icons… I also want to overwrite Applications on the left to Manjaro.
What version of Pantheon is used in the ISO? Everything is described on github, but I need to know the version so that I don’t completely destroy wingpanel with modifications.
Thanks again for the job done. The system runs like clockwork and Pantheon is a beautiful DM.

Hello again
I set everything up as best I could.
In order to use the power of the Nvidia GPU, I have to turn on “enable windows compositor”.
But that option is simply not in the system (I also tried the gnome tweak tool).
Everything is described here:
The procedure also worked in elementary OS and before that in Manjaro with Xfce (where it was a matter of two clicks, of course).
Can you advise?
Thanks in advance.

Im looking into it, but my understanding is that the Gala WM has composting enabled by default unlike other window managers where you need to turn it on. Kind of like Gnome. Do you get a blank window when running glxgears in a terminal?

Of course I tried GLXGEARS. The result is approx. 60fps, while in Debian distros with XFCE, or directly eOS it is approx. 800fps with the Nouveau driver…
I can’t find the reason. I’d love to run it in your spin.
Thanks for the quick response. I had a lot of work and I found the answer only now…

How are you doing the “enable windows compositor” in EOS?

I still don’t know where the dog is buried…
The problem is not in enabling the compositor, but in the basic settings of the GPU drivers. Some installed images work out of the box (ElementaryOS, EndeauvorOS), some I can’t tune. It’s quite simple in Debian Testing and Stable. Arch defies these settings in xorg.
For now, I installed EndeauvourOS, which runs my Nvidia with Nouveau like clockwork. and I’m thinking of installing Pantheon DE and then getting rid of XFCE dependencies.
It’s like scratching your left hand behind your right ear - nothing fancy…
I still can’t find a key that can be used repeatedly and reliably on a fresh install. It’s a pain in the ass.

If Arch uses xorg, so will manjaro if that helps. As an AMD graphics user nouveau always seemed buggy to me, the main reason I switched from nvidia, and didnt give me the performance I wanted. I use amdgpu drivers with my new card, they are open source.

Hi Jim.B,
I’m currently testing Peppermint OS based on Debian 12.
I would love to try Pantheon DE on it. Unfortunately I can’t open the old repo (I was hoping there would be a newer version by now).
Are you pulling from Github, or is there a repo somewhere that I couldn’t find?
Could you possibly post a link for me?
Thanks and good night Dan

By the way, I envy you the work you did on the Calamares source code. Neither Manjaro nor Endeauvour never destroyed Grub when dualbooting with Elementaryos. To make it work in Debian it will require drastic differences to fit it via “Debian” way…
Calamares do that thing in every new Debian-based distro.
Heaps of extra work from live USB…

Here is a link to the Spins by Kilz website repo page. But I noticed you are posting to the older Pantheon release, here is a link to the newer one.

Thanks a lot mate. I have food for thought - pull out the bike or grow my carpal tunnel? :-))
Really thanks, the old repositories are probably closed.

Now you have me completely confused.
I already had both your ISOs installed.
Do you mean that I should unzip the ISO and extract the pantheon de files from them?
I originally wanted a link to the bare files of pure Pantheon de…

Sorry, I misunderstood what you asked for. You asked for the repository. So I gave a link with how to add it or fix issues with it… The pantheon desktop packages used in SbK spins are in the Manjaro repository, though some may be aur packages. Here is a list.

Pantheon system

Pantheon extras

If you need anything else, please describe what you need and I will try to help.

Sorry I didn’t get in touch. A lot of work and my HDD died… …new SSD, reinstallation. Now we have an extra day off, so I’ll give it a go.
I’m testing the new PeppermintOS ISO (sending screenshots).
I’ll probably throw out eOS, I’ll put PmOS as the main system and add your spin to dualboot.
I realized that on eOS I really only enjoy the dark mode in the mint accent and launching programs with Nvidia directly from the menu…
PmOS is faster, I know what I’m doing and what’s on my disk. And your spin will allow me to have Pantheon DE while learning Arch. So thanks for that :-).

Its likely because its an Xfce desktop (lower resource). Pantheon uses Gnome shell, so uses more resources.

Sure, but I still like Pantheon DE and want to follow its development.
By the way, do you plan to continue with more spins in the future?
God knows what’s going on at Elementary now and where their journey will lead next. I hope all goes well with them and they will continue to be successful in the future.

Pantheon will remain one of the spins for the foreseeable future. The 22.1.1 release series will start soon. I have LXQt built, and Pantheon will be released at some point.