Saving desktops configuration

Hello Manjarolians.

I’m wonder is it possible to save my desktops configuration to recover it in case of reboot.

I’m using 2 monitors and launching programs on 2 desktops and when I have to reboot my computer it takes me a lot of time to launch all programs and put them on the right place. I work a lot of time with the same programs and windows and my setup helps me to navigate between them.



Hello @Kiki_McArron,

have you tried to save your session. I’m not on KDE, so I could not say exactly what to do. But take a look at this:

Try System Settings, Startup and Shutdown, Desktop Session, General check both boxes, Default leave option - Restart computer, When logging in - Restore previous saved session. Now once you reboot you still may have to move things to the positions on the screen you actually want them.

Now that said you may still have to add programs to Autostart.

Thanks guys, but it is not exactly what I’m looking for. My case is to find solution to save position of my programs and windows across my 2 monitors and 2 desktops and yours proposition doesn’t do that. For example my VSC is opened on 1st monitor but second desktop, and when I restart my computer it is opening on 1 monitor and first desktop. Maybe there is no solution for my imagination :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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