Save File Dialog Preview Not Enabled by Default

I have an issue where the save file dialog does not have previews enabled by default despite them being enabled in Dolphin.

This is somewhat unusual and I have to enable it all the time. I’m using the same settings option in dolphin for all dolphin windows (shared settings), so I would think that this wouldn’t happen.

How can I resolve this?

There is a preview button in the dialog window itself. It looks like a picture frame ─ see the screenshot below. :arrow_down:

In addition to that, the dialog can also be configured with the wrench button on the right in the screenshot.

I don’t have such options :frowning:

It looks like you have previews enabled and showing …
Its there on the right hand side … “CHE 132: General Chemistry…”

What I notice on my system though … is that the previews show fine in something like an “Open File” dialog … but a “Save As” from firefox will not, and the option is greyed-out (key F11 also does nothing)

Open file:

Save file as:

Same issue I suppose, F11 does nothing :smiley: