Saturation Effect Lost After Logout or Suspend in Linux

I’m facing an issue with custom saturation settings on my Lenovo Laptop (AMD Vega).

I use the vibrant-cli tool to adjust the saturation of my display.
I initially tried adding the vibrant-cli command to my startup script (vibrant-cli eDP 1.4) located in /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.d/. While this worked at startup, the effect didn’t persist after logout or suspension.
The problem arises after I log out or suspend my system. The saturation effect is no longer applied when I log back in. Even though the output of vibrant-cli eDP still shows the correct saturation value, it appears that the effect is not taking place and the output confirms the desired value: “Saturation of eDP is 1.400000.”.
But when I run vibrant-cli eDP 1.4 again from the terminal after logout, the saturation increases, even it’s the same value (it prints that the saturation is 1.4, but when re-running the same value, the effect is back).
Can Anyone Help?