SATA to USB adapter not working in USB 3.0 for bluray DVD drive, but works in USB 2.0

Hello. I have 2 adpaters. One adapter is Sata to usb 3.0 adapter, and second is Sata to usb 2.0 adapter, both with 2 cables (data and additional one for power) and dc 12v jack input. I tested it with various configurations:
SATA → USB 2.0: 2.5 SSD - Working.
SATA → USB 2.0: 3.5 HDD - Working.
SATA → USB 2.0: CD/DVD - Working.
SATA → USB 3.0: 2.5 SSD - Working.
SATA → USB 3.0: 3.5 HDD - Working.
SATA → USB 3.0: CD/DVD - Not Working.
So it works in almost all cases, but not that one i want. Both adapters must be ok, because both show me hard drive disks. Optical reader is ok too, because it works with usb 2.0. So, maybe there is a software problem, so i can’t use disk drive with usb 3.0? I said cd /dvd, but it really is a bluray drive, so usb 2.0 may be too slow for it.

what is CD/DVD? Is the thing can read music/movie in CD?