SATA drives not seen by OS

EDIT: solved, see bottom for the solution.
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My secondary drives (non-boot) do not show up anywhere on my OS.

I have an NVMe PCIe SSD as my boot/root drive (nvme0n1) that is recognized just fine. I have one sata HDD and one sata SSD, both attached to the same controller, but nothing seems to find them. lsblk only shows my nvme0n1 partitions, and any removable flash drives I may have (/dev/sd*). The same thing applies to KDE Partition manager, and I have also tried using fdisk with what the drive should be, to no avail.

In my UEFI, I can see that the drives are both attached to the controller, the individual sata ports are connected, and the controllers are enabled, set to AHCI mode. I do have “fast boot” turned on, however I have it explicitly set to do full initialization of all drives on POST. I have also tried disabling fast boot, but that did not fix it.

The only out of the ordinary thing I have done is this:
I recently installed Manjaro KDE 20.1.2. Everything went fine, and I partitioned my own disks Boot drive is set up pretty standard for UEFI, properly partitioned and formatted boot/efi, root(home on root), and swap partitions, no issues there. I did see the other two drives during that time, and I wiped their tables and erased them, but left them as empty disks without partitioning a file system. I was still debating on what file system I would use for them, so I left them. Now, I cannot see them no matter what. Any quick way to make udev “rescan” for drives in any way, or some other solution?

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So, in my UEFI, I have 2 separate SATA controllers. I can turn each one off entirely, and can also disable individual ports on each controller as well. Now, everything was indeed set up correctly in the UEFI, the controllers and ports that I needed were enabled, with the unused ports disabled (This makes POST a bit faster). In Windows 10 and Manjaro Cinnamon 20.1.2 this worked fine, never had issues.

I tried going into the UEFI and enabled all the unused ports, and it suddenly worked. I made absolutely certain that the ports I needed were enabled beforehand, so there’s no reason it should have made a difference barring a bug. Not a case of PEBKAC here.

My problem is solved, but if anyone wants any logs or debug info to peer a bit deeper into this, I can provide them.

Can you provide output of

sudo dmesg | grep -i -e "disk" -e "SATA" -e "error"

Hey, I just figured something out, and fixed it. updating post now.