Sane finds scanner only sudo'ed

I setup a Brother ADS-2700W for network scanning. It works fine from Windows and Ubuntu, but Manjaro can only list it if I sudo the command:

sudo scanimage -L

How can I enable this scanner to be found by regular users without sudo?

Thanks you very much in advance!

You could add yourself to the scanner group

sudo gpasswd -a scanner $USER

Thank you very much for your reply! The syntax should be

sudo gpasswd -a $USER scanner 

but scanimage -L still does not list my brother scanner, only sudo scanimage -L does.

Sorry - you are right - that was a typo.

I have used simple scan over network to scan using a wifi connected - very cheap hp consumer mfc device.

I have never tested with a brother device - before committing to further experiments you should check the arch wiki - just search for scanner - see what comes up.

Installing the sane-airscan package solved the issue miraculously.

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