Sane "Failed to scan - document feeder empty"

I use simple-scan on Manjaro KDE with an HP Envy 5542 aio printer / scanner.

After sane was upgraded to 1.2.1, simple-scan fails with the error message “Failed to scan - document feeder empty”. There is no document feeder on my scanner. Downgrading sane to v. 1.1.1, everything works as expected.

I reported an issue at sane is looking for non-existant document feeder (#654) · Issues · sane-project / backends · GitLab

This post is in case other Manjaro users have encountered the problem, too.

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I resolved this same issue by running simple-scan --debug from the terminal; the document feeder error disappeared, and now I can simply launch the application from the menu without problems. Maybe it resetted some config file, dunno. Hope it helps you.

Thanks for your input, and sorry for the late answer.

everything works as it should, but as soon as I start and run simple-scan from the menu, the feeder error returns. Still keeping the downgraded version works for me.