Samsung printer driver - how to opt out of data sharing?

Hi All,

I am using KDE, I searched the forum and Googled for an answer but did not find one.

I have a Samsung SCX-4521F printer and none of the included drivers worked.

I searched this forum and found this possible solution but unfortunately it did not install the driver I needed:

AUR (en) – samsung-unified-driver

I Googled and downloaded the official Samsung Linux driver for this printer.

The driver that actually works is Samsung SCX-4x21 Series.

When I installed it, there was a message in the Terms and Conditions that said I consent to sharing my data with Samsung.


SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS may collect and use technical information you provide in relation to your installation and use of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT or the provision of support serv

ices related to the SOFTWARE PRODUCT. All such information will be subject to SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS’ privacy policy.

If I don’t accept this, the driver won’t install.

I checked using a usb live version of Linux Mint, and this driver is included in there package but no mention of having to share data with Samsung.

I know when I installed this printer in Windows 10 I was able to opt out of this data sharing.

I even tried installing Firewall, thinking maybe I could block it that way, using Pamac but the Firewalld said it couldn’t connect to Firewalld???

Now please forgive my newbieness, but I have heard that in general, Linux packages remove this sort of data sharing.

So my question is two fold:

  1. Is there someway to obtain this driver from a Linux distro where this data sharing is already removed, or

  2. Is there someway to stop/prevent this data sharing?

As always, any help that you may provide will be greatly appreciated.

Hello @NeoVeo :wink:

In a legal sense, Samsung protects itself here, it does not mean that the software does. It may be a standard EULA that is also used on Windows and Mac.

I personally don’t see anything at first glance that could send data to Samsung. Normally there would a “manager” that runs as autorun, which sends telemetry, but here you have only the driver.

Source Package


Many thanks @megavolt, that helps put my mind at ease.

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