Samsung Galaxy Book Go ARM 7c 2nd Gen

Now that Samsung announced an affordable ARM 7c 2nd Gen laptop for $350, will this be start of more affordable ARM laptops?
Of course there will be challenges with the bootloader and GPU, but I would love to run Linux on it.

link? we have no idea what your talking about.
pinebook pro was on sale:″-pinebook-pro-linux-laptop-ansi-us-keyboard/?v=0446c16e2e66

and it runs manjaro linux.

I also have a Pinebook Pro, but we really need better software support. The RK3399 SoC is not a bad chip, but you do need drivers to get the most out of it. I also have a Samsung Chromebook Plus with the same RK3399 and it can play 4K YouTube and plays 3D Android games like Riptide just fine. Try that with a Pinebook Pro.

Once we get more affordable options for ARM laptops, I assume development will accelerate too.
The Qualcomm 7c 2nd Gen will give us much faster cores and with suitable drivers a significant boost with video and 3D.

I need some information from crhome and chromium browser running on ChromeOS.

Can you provide me the Chrome browser and Chromium Browser version on your latest ChromeOS ?
WIll also need the user agent information.
DM me the information please. WIll be helpful with updating chromium-docker package.