Samsung Book S with 8cx

Have a Samsung Galaxy Book S with the snapdragon 8cx on it, was just wondering if anyone had any idea about slapping Linux on this sucker. Is there a generic arm Manjaro ISO I can use? Any pointers would be appreciated!

These is no way you can do that.
Arm cpu is completely different from x86_64
Arm does not have any standard bootloader so i assume your device have a secured bootloader and if you play with it then you will end up with a bricked device.

Same goes for all the chromebooks with arm cpu in it.
If any developers can get a working bootloader for it and also a working kernel support then you can use linux on it.
Till then we have to wait.

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Well that makes me sad, this machine has just made me realize how awful windows is. Had my fingers crossed though! Thanks for the help!

Well, it’s wrong that the Galaxy Book S has any kind of special or locked boot loader. It’s a normal UEFI allowing to disable secure boot as well as booting from USB.

Personally, I reached at booting Grub2 but up to now, I found no pre-built kernel booting without crash. The only one I got somehow booting is the Debian 11.2 one but it crashes on initializing ACPI.

I will try to build a properly configured kernel. As the Snapdragon 8cx as well as it’s Adreno 630 GPU is supported starting from Linux 5.15, it should somehow be possible. In case I succeed, I’ll share my results.