Same Taskbar on multiple screens

I want to use the same taskbar on multiple screens with the same pinned things and widgets, when pinning something on one of the taskbars i want it pinned on all etc.

Is there any way to achieve it? I could only find resources on how to add taskbars and widgets to other screens or showing opened programs only on the screen where they actually are, but nothing that fits my need.

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Pinned applications are distinct from panel widgets. It is possible to have multiple copies of panel widgets on your multiple panels, but the task bar is itself a widget, and so it works differently.

If you want your task bars to be identical, then you must disable the option to only show applications from the current screen.

I can manage with the widgets, the main thing is that I want the taskbar synced.

Your solution of disabling the option to only show applications from the current screen sadly does not fix my issue. On my second screen the icons are in a different order and closed applications are not there at all. Is there any way to sync them?

Not that I know of, no.

It sounds more like a feature request to the KDE developers, whom you can find here… :arrow_down:

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