Samba server not able to start on Manjaro ARM (Raspberry Pi 4B)

Hello, everyone:

I've been trying for several days to load samba server on Manjaro ARM, running on a Raspberry Pi 4 and this is the output I get from "systemctl start samba":

There you can see it throws a library error: I don’t know what I did wrong, since one month ago or so it did work correctly. That library does not exist on my system and I cannot install it with pacman either. Have you got any ideas?

Thank you very much in advance.

Have you tried stopping the service(s) then reinstall samba - and restarting the services?

This library is part of the “smbclient” package.

Maybe you should try to install it.

What is the result of these commands :

pamac list -i | egrep -i ‘smb|samba’
grep Branch /etc/pacman-mirrors.conf

Yes, I have. No success.

Thank you for your reply and my apologies for not having been able to reply sooner.

This is the output of the instructions you asked me to type:

[alberto@frambuesa-manjaro ~]$ pamac list -i | egrep -i ‘smb|samba’ grep Branch /etc/pacman-mirrors.conf
grep: grep: No existe el fichero o el directorio
grep: Branch: No existe el fichero o el directorio

This is spanish for “File or directory doesn’t exist”.

Thank you for your reply. I’m sorry I couldn’t answer sooner.

Instead of enabling and starring samba.service, try to enable smb.service, nmb.service and winbind.service. I’m also Raspberry Pi user and I was able to start samba this way successfully on Manjaro ARM.

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These are 2 differents commands. It shouldn’t tell you that.
Can you try another one please : lsb_release -a
And try what @SpacingBat3 told you, it sounds correct.

I was starting those services already, except winbind. I can manage to access the samba share only if I type the entire URL in Dolphin’s URL field. (smb://localhost). The shares are only accessed from localhost, though. A different computer / device does not even access the folders when I type the URL. When I try to browse samba shares by clicking on Dolphin sidebar’s “network” item it simply does not discover anything. It’s funny, because I’ve got a desktop computer running Manjaro and it works perfectly well. I didn’t even have to configure much on behalf of Samba.

Thank you for your reply.

Of course, this is the output of lsb_release -a:

LSB Version: n/a
Distributor ID: Manjaro-ARM
Description: Manjaro ARM Linux
Release: 21.04
Codename: n/a

The shares are only accessed from localhost, though.

You mean by that you’ve failed to connecting when you typed your computer’s local IP address (eg. You should be able to join if you don’t have any firewall installed (on XFCE4, there’s no such app installed by the defaults) or your firewall rules are set correctly so they allow for samba connections.

Thank you very much for your answer. I realised about that right after posting my previous message. I added the corresponding rules to firewalld and it works. Although the server’s name does not show up on other computers of the local area network. It does show up on Android phones and an Android tablet.

I’ve noticed Avahi daemon needs to run in background to have SMB servers automatically listed in Thunar’s Browse network tab (at least RPi can detect itself when it shares some directories via Samba).