Samba nmb daemon won't start. Can't boot into DE

On my laptop running KDE Manjaro, I cannot boot into the DE, and I get the following

Failed to start Samba NMB Daemon

I get stuck on the boot window, and nothing happens

There are a bunch of Hardware errors, but I think those are normal and showed up when samba was working too

I’m certain that there hasn’t been any altering to the config files previously on my part

Since I can boot into the terminal view, I was able to run systemctl status nmb.service
It shows up as failed with the error mentioning interfaces:

Status: "nmbd: No local IPv4 non-loopback interfaces available, waiting for interface...

I have no idea what this means really, but from googling around, I saw that you can change the config file and add interface = eno0 or lo0 eth0
This didn’t work and the service still won’t start

Is there an easy way to fix it?
If not, can I possibly reinstall the OS without destroying all my data? I have a USB with Manjaro KDE on it, is there a way to fix the broken Samba with like chroot or something?

Maybe important info about hardware condition
The laptop is old, it’s network card has had it’s connections welded (I don’t think that’s the problem cause the card works when booting from a USB), it has no battery so it stays plugged in all the time, it’s motherboard battery is kinda ■■■■■■ so after removing the plug sometimes the bios resets, it’s running an NVMe SSD via AHCI (Raid won’t recognize UUID or smth)

The nmb service is not necessary for the system to boot - the only thing it does is enabling netbios hostname resolution.

You are having another issue …

I suggest you disable smb and nmb alltogether and then troubleshoot you nic

sudo systemctl disable --now smb nmb

On your question on reinstalling

You were right.

I was using the nvidia intel prime driver and kernel version 513

For some reason, that was causing xorg to not recognize the display of my laptop and caused the blackscreen.

Removing the driver completely allowed xorg to run correctly

I’m guessing that’s a separate issue for a separate thread

Ahh - that makes sense as 5.13 is no longer in the repos.

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