Samba and smbclient 4.16-Unstable

Today, I noticed that with samba /smbclient 4.16 on Unstable, when I click on Browse network in Thunar, choose a computer, the Shared folders appear, but when I click on them nothing happens. I have downgraded to the stable versions of samba/smbclient (4.15.5) and it works again. The last time this happened it was related to the filesystem package and nsswitch files. This time it does not appear that is the case. Here is the link for the same issue awhile back:

Do you have the /etc/samba/smb.conf on the client?

With or without content?

Yes, smb.conf is present on all the computers, with content. Nothing has been changed , only that 4.16 does not work and 4.15.5-1 works as expected. The computer that was running Stable could reach the Computer running Unstable(4.16), but the computer running Unstable(4.16) click on a shared folder and nothing would happen. My samba is running here with minimal security.

That screenshot is confusing because it indicates that something is working - so please remove it as you comment states it is irrelevant.

I note the .local extension and that is unique to avahi device discovery and broadcasting.

Use/downgrade to 4.15.x for the time being. See bug report below

(note that the file manager doesn’t matter…it can be nautilus, thunar etc):

Thank you very much. I have downgraded and will keep an eye for an update. They are on ignore for now.

I’m also using unstable with KDE and I just checked and 4.16.2 is installed and I haven’t noticed any issues.I also like you had the nsswitch issue awhile back.I just connected to Fedora 35 and then connected to Manjaro.As was just posted I am having the issue on Fedora36 as it will not connect to the other computers.Just to add on the gitlab site the fix for now was to downgrade libsmbclient. I downgraded and everythings working in Gnome42.I don’t know if it helps on your system but probally wouldn’t hurt.

@jrichard326 Google was showing wrong results about version…can you try 4.16.0-3:

It is a litte strange - I have no issues with smb

I didn’t have any issues with KDE or Gnome41

4.16.0-3 did not fix the issue. I am back to 4.15.x. Your original, Redhat link is now referring to a testbuild and fix.

Reverting this commit fixes it for me on GNOME. Please test samba + smbclient 4.16.0-4.0.

Thank you. It is fixed here on xfce/thunar with version 4.16.0-4.0

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