SAMBA 3 vs. NFS on Raspberry Pi over 1Gbps Ethernet?

A couple of preface notes:

  1. I’m on an overclocked Raspberry Pi 4b with 4 GB of RAM.
  2. Network is a wired 1Gbps setup + WiFI 5/AC.
  3. I’ve never used network shared folders on Linux, so I need to learn to do it either way. Trying to figure out where to spend my effort.
  4. My goal is to be able to mount a network share from my NAS on the Raspberry Pi and use it as a destination for incremental backups on my NAS.

My understanding is that SAMBA/SMB 3 is measurably faster than NFS, but probably not faster enough to make massive difference.

I also realize I’m not likely to see peak file transfer speeds (100MB/s for my setup) at any rate, since I’m transferring a lot of little files vs. fewer big files. (At least, that’s been the case with SMB 3.)

So is there any reason at all to choose NFS, aside from it being the more open/Linux-y standard?