SageMath makes Add/Remove GUI unresponsive

Hello all.

I just moved to Linux from Windows, mainly for the better computing software. This is a fresh install so I doubt I have messed something up. One of the programs I was hoping to use on this platform is SageMath. However, when I go to the official repsitory and try to install “sagemath-jupyter 9.1-7” it just makes the Add/Remove GUI become unresponsive, even when not selecting any optional dependency. Any ideas? Could someone else try to replicate this issue? I should mention that I have successfully installed other software such as Chromium, RKWard, Vesta, and GVim.

Are you up to date?

sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Syyu

(reboot if necessary)
Try your install … the GUI way if you like … but in order to share any errors, the terminal is probably better:

pamac install sagemath-jupyter


I waited a bit to test whether something is going on in background but nothing happens. I have used the terminal this time and the result is the same, it just stays unresponsive with one core at 100% with the other 3 cores idling at around 1% constantly.

Here is the terminal output:

Synchronizing package databases...
Resolving dependencies...
Checking inter-conflicts...
Warning: dependency cycle detected:
Warning: python-ipykernel will be installed before its python-jupyter_client dependency
Warning: dependency cycle detected:
Warning: jupyter will be installed before its python-ipywidgets dependency

The only workaround I can think of is running the Windows version on Wine but if some thinks of something else, please let me know.

I dont use pamac.

Try this:

sudo pacman -Syyu python-ipywidgets && sudo pacman -S sagemath-jupyter

(thats 50% more careful than I think it needs to be … and less than that of how careful it could be … my thought is none of this is necessary and pamac is simply not handling it properly)

First of all, a big THANK YOU.

Second of all, a big PSA to all Windows users coming Manjaro interest in using this software.
In Windows, installing SageMath is enough as it is a single executable and using it is straightforward out of the box in the command prompt. In Linux (at least Manjaro KDE but most likely all of them), the sagemath packages are the backend part alone. A better way to install it turned out ot be through “pacman” insted of the GUI, or through it being a dependency of a front end aplication. I used Cantor as the front end and this enabled the installation through the GUI along with Octave and one other I don’t remember.