Safe to remove preinstalled softwares

i doubt there is a list of safe to remove preinstalled softwares,
and since I’m new to Linux i don’t want to mess things up by removing packages and their dependencies which another program might rely on.

is there a benefit from removing those besides not having to DL updates for them?
Thuderbird for example i have no intention on using.

in this reddit post :
a person wants to remove some apps that are meant for qt development and some one points out it might be needed by spectacle.
(found this:“The development applications are pat of the QT package, Manjaro and Arch do NOT have a separate package or packages for them. If you uninstall QT you will also have to remove qbittorrent and any other QT based applications like manjaro-settings-manager, etc.”)

here there is an unanswered similar question:

There is no real benefit besides not having the application available, recovering some disk space, and not having to download updates for the application.

But you can remove unwanted application, as far as you don’t nuke the system when an application is needed by major components.

Thunderbird you can remove if you want for example, no other program should need it, still do the following anyway:

Use Pamac and remove application one by one, never in bulk, and CHECK the Pamac popup telling you what it is going to do, check what it removes and if you’re not sure then search for each package it wants to remove to know about them. Then decide if it is safe to remove. Usually removing a program should not remove a ton of packages so if you see a big list of packages, usually, ask yourself questions because this may be a sign you’re removing the wrong package from the system.

There is no real guide for how ‘safe’ it is to remove an application, you need to use your judgment and thinking.

//EDIT: Now that I think about it, at least a ‘safer’ way of removing programs in Pamac, would maybe to enable the new feature called Software Mode in its settings. Whith that it only shows softwares and not ‘packages’, I think, maybe try to enable this mode in Pamac settings menu it could help.


Thank you.

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