Saber (cross platform handwritten notes app with sync)

I recently came across with Saber, a cross platform notes/drawing app (supports Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows and there is also an web app) that supports synchronization using Nextcloud.

It is available as an appimage (and also flatpak and snap). It would be great if it is available in the AUR/official Manjaro repositories. This app is written in Flutter.

With powerful devices like PineTab2 and PineNote (which run Arch based operating systems) coming soon, this app will be a good substitute for proprietary services like OneNote (and similar note-taking software running on an iPad).

Note: I am not the author of this app.

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It’s currently not feasible at all to package anything using Flutter. However, since it becomes more and more popular, maybe a way will be found. If not, the Arch community yubioath-desktop will be continue to be perpetually out of date or dropped to the AUR.

Maybe, the appimage can be extracted and packaged as AUR, like this? AUR (en) - astrofox-appimage

Please do not pollute the AUR with AppImages that are shoved in /usr/bin/.

Instead, create a -bin package that extracts the AppImage and packages the files properly. Example: my tutanota-desktop-bin AUR PKGBUILD.

Won’t implement.