Ryzen 9 4900HS onboard graphics with 2060 Max-Q, how to achieve a hybrid graphic system


I am setting up Manjaro on my new laptop, this laptop has a Ryzen 9 4900HS with an integrated radeon graphics chip and a discrete RTX 2060 Max-Q GPU.

I have been trying for the best part of the day to get the same hybrid graphic capabilities I was able to achieve with my previous laptop, which had a intel nvidia hybrid graphic setup.

I have searched for resolutions on this forum, however i’ve found all the threads that other people have used to be deleted or hidden.

How can I achieve a hybrid graphic system with this AMD Integrated GPU with the Nvidia RTX chip?

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I use Optimus switch, it isn’t like prime or Optimus manager, with switch you can choose what card use, but can’t use both at the same time.
Choose it deppending of your DE

can you check return

sudo mhwd -l -d 

try with hybrid & amd & nvidia

For me hybrid graphics have been working out of the box. Just auto install the drivers with mhwd - a pci nonfree 0300. The installed drivers (mhwd - li) should include video-hybrid-amd-nvidia-450xx-prime. This will use the integrated Radeon GPU for most things with the RTX card sleeping. To run an app on the RTX, use prime-run command, where command is the app you want to run (eg steam). Also make sure you’re running a relatively recent kernel, I’ve found 5.8 to work quite well.