RX 6650 XT poor performance with mesa-git and kernel 5.17

Few days ago I bought RX 6650 XT and now I have trouble to configure it to get most of it.
Basically my FPS are very low. I’m using mesa-git, lib32-mesa-git and kernel 5.17.6
Is there something more I have to do to unlock full potential of this card?

you can go to Testing branch

Switched to testing branch. No luck. Also recompiled mesa-git and libdrm-git. My GPU is recognized in system info but in Path of Exile for example, still low FPS :confused:
openSUSE Tumbleweed is only distro which working well with this GPU from the fresh install and gives me full FPS. However I would like to stay on manjaro if possible :slight_smile:

are you using
Steam ? Proton ?
Lutris ?
Wine ?

Ah right. It’s steam with proton.

Check this
AMDGPU - ArchWikiand_Sea_Islands(CIK)_support

This might also reveal something useful [ Solved ] Random performance AMDGPU 6600 XT / Kernel & Hardware / Arch Linux Forums

Ok. I solved this.
Just updated linux-firmware from Git and everything back to normal. Performance is great.
Did not expect that, firmware may have impact on performance.

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